This is Berner

Board of directors

Peter Berner

(until May 10, 2016)
(b. 1945) MS Economics

Hannes Berner

Vice Chairman (until May 10, 2016)
Chairman (from May 11, 2016)
(b. 1953) Master of Economics

Nicolas Berner

Member of the Board
(b. 1972) LLB

George Berner

Vice Chairman
(b. 1948) Master of Engineering

Michael Berner

Member of the Board
(b. 1952) Master of Economics

Klaus Berner

Member of the Board
(b. 1951) Master of Economics

Kirsi-Marja Koskelo

Member of the Board
(b. 1955) Master of Economics

Edvard Björkenheim

Member of the Board
(b. 1970)

New Chairman of the Board

Peter Berner retired from his position as the Chairman of the Board upon reaching the age of 70, as had been previously agreed. From among its members, the Board elected Hannes Berner as the new Chairman. At the age of 63, Hannes Berner retired from the day-to-day operations of the company on December 31, 2016.