Business areas


Delivering raw materials to industry and the infrastructure sector cost-effectively and quickly

We purchase, store and deliver raw materials and additives to industry and the infrastructure sector cost-effectively and quickly in Finland and the neighboring areas. Where necessary, we can even perform the entire raw material purchasing function on the customer’s behalf, and managing the by-products of the customer’s production is also part of our operations. This allows the customer to focus on their core competencies.


In 2016, our goal was to make our operations even more customer-focused than before. Our success in this endeavor was reflected in a large number of new customer relationships, and we also found suppliers on nearly every continent. Our volumes grew, which improved the cost-effectiveness of our operations. We are pursuing more comprehensive management of supply chain flows and greater efficiency by combining and consolidating the flows of goods.

In addition to imports, we achieved good growth in exports. We found new international customers for the products of Finnish industry.

Having deep customer insight requires expertise and experience, and it helps us work with the customer to optimize the entire supply chain to achieve the best possible result.


Refining and selling the by-products of our customers’ production operations is continuously creating new opportunities for us. At the same time, it serves to create a closer customer relationship that benefits both parties.


We achieved record-high volumes in 2016. We strengthened our personnel by recruiting new experts and opened new warehouses close to our customers.