Business areas


Our customers include laboratories, university hospitals and central hospitals as well as professionals in animal well-being and cleanliness.

The best-known brands we manufacture include Heti, Dilutus, Desinfektol, LV, Servant and Provisor. The best-known brands we import include Ansell, Hill’s, KLS Martin, Omron, Scanlan, Teleflex Medical, Wetrok, Comac, PAC, Lauda, FOSS, Shimadzu and Beckman Coulter.


The most significant change in our laboratory business in 2016 was the acquisition of Ordior Ltd’s business operations from University Pharmacy at the beginning of November, which made us one of the leading laboratory suppliers in Finland and Estonia. As part of the acquisition, more than 20 experts in laboratory equipment sales and maintenance functions joined our organization in Finland and a further six in Estonia.  The transaction also added the significant laboratory brands FOSS, Shimadzu and Beckman Coulter to our product range, along with a large number of other brands. Our new organization can serve our laboratory customers with a very broad product portfolio as well as produce additional services such as training.


Our own products, such as LV and the Desinfektol series, had a very good year in 2016 in terms of sales and profitability.

Early in the year, we established health technology partnerships with two Finnish startups, Bindex and Sooma. Bindex has developed an osteoporosis measurement device that speeds up the process of assessing the risk of osteoporosis and significantly reduces diagnostic costs. Sooma tDCS is an effective and easy-to-use treatment for depression. Sooma’s device can be used as an alternative or complement to pharmaceutical treatment and other neuromodulation techniques.

New and innovative Smart Pack packaging was introduced for Ansell surgical gloves in April, substantially reducing the space required for storing surgical gloves as well as packaging waste.



The renewal of our HETI product family continued in 2016 and the range of HETI detergents was expanded significantly. Among the new additions were safe and ready-to-use spray products.  We also expanded our selection of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic products with new, Nordic Ecolabel-certified and unscented cleaning and kitchen products. In response to customer feedback, we added QR codes to the labels of our HETI products late in the year to make it convenient for users to access instructions and material safety data sheets. HETI post-disinfectant is very well suited for use in kitchens and healthcare settings. It ensures a hygienic outcome and is effective against noroviruses, among other pathogens.

We revised our operating model for cleaning machines late in the year by signing agreements with five companies across Finland to take our maintenance operations closer to customers and enable faster service.



The sales of medical equipment to veterinary clinics were brisk, with GE’s ultrasound devices and Companion therapy lasers finding their way to many new clinics. The first Companion CRT devices in Europe were sold by Berner to two veterinary clinics.

The Hill’s product family was complemented by two important new products. Hill’s Derm Defense is a therapeutic dietary product that has been developed to reduce allergic symptoms in dogs. The fall saw the launch of Hill’s k/d+Mobililty, which complements the versatile Hill’s Prescription Diet products and is aimed at extending pets’ lives and improving the quality of their lives.