Corporate responsibility

Economic responsibility

In accordance with our operating principles, the emphasis of our economic responsibility is on strong solvency and profitable growth. Strong solvency and profitable growth enable long-term commitment to staff well-being, the handling of operating costs and social welfare through taxes and other investments for the public good. Our goal is to produce stable and long-term benefits for all our stakeholders through operations based on integrity, stability and profitability.

Economic impact in home market area

Throughout its existence, Berner has focused on investments in its home market in addition to international growth. Our operations generate economic well-being for several stakeholders. Suppliers, staff, shareholders, and society all receive their share of Berner’s business cash flow. The distribution of economic value is shown in Table 1.

 (EUR 1000)
Parent company
(EUR 1000)
Suppliers: Materials and services144 754224 422
Other partners: Other operating expenses and investments39 43044 914
Staff: Salaries and fees18 47823 791
Shareholders and financiers: Dividends and financial costs5 7235 834
Society: Taxes, pensions and social security costs27 06341 620

Changes to share of profits and bonuses

Since 1946, Berner has shared a proportion of the company’s net profit with its employees. Based on an employee survey, the company decided to develop the system to establish a more incentivizing bonus scheme.

New bonus systems were implemented in 2016 to better reward employees for goal-driven work and strong performance.

In 2016, Berner Ltd paid bonuses and a share of profits to a total of 326 people, for a total amount of MEUR 1,5.