Corporate responsibility

Social responsibility

Committed and enthusiastic employees are a key resource for Berner Ltd. In developing social responsibility, our goal is to continuously improve the wellbeing-at-work of our staff, the working conditions of the people who work in our supply chain, and the safety of our products.

In line with our values and ethical principles, we invest in developing the working community and the quality of our management, as well as personal training. We promote long careers. Through age-related management practices, we aim to find solutions that enhance the cooperation and interaction between people of different ages. We provide training on this theme to increase the understanding of management-level staff of the significance of age in different life stages and in working life. Management practices are approached from three points of view: Berner young, Berner middle-aged and Berner senior. Our goal is to be an interesting employer and an attractive workplace. We measure our employer image and focus particularly on developing our interaction with various stakeholders.

Berner complies with the UN Global Compact principles in its operations. We also want to ensure that the working conditions of our suppliers and close partners correspond to our ethical principles, which are based on legislation and international agreements related to working life. This is a sustainable development goal that we continuously work towards.

New work culture in response to changes in working life

We started a change project in 2016 aimed at the renewal of the culture of our work community and how work is performed. The project also includes an office premises project. The new multipurpose office is aimed at increasing well-being at work by providing premises that support job satisfaction and workplace interaction. In summer 2017, Berner Ltd’ s office personnel in the Helsinki region will move to a renovated multipurpose office on Hitsaajankatu in Herttoniemi.

The goals of the change project are to develop productivity and employee satisfaction, support interaction and the sharing of best practices between business areas and to strengthen the Berner brand, identity and harmonized operating models. As one example of these developments, we revised the company’s teleworking practices. Training and instructions for performing and managing new kinds of mobile work will be provided throughout the course of the change project. The success of the development efforts will be monitored and measured continuously.

Focus on competence development

Berner conducted 360-degree supervisor assessments at the turn of the year 2015–2016. All managers and supervisors participated and were assessed by the entire organization, including both subordinates and colleagues. The feedback provided supervisors with insight into how their management style and working methods were perceived. The results of the assessment were used in the development of Berner’s management and supervisory work and a development plan was drafted for each supervisor. The plan is to carry out the assessment once every two years.

In 2016–2017, the company implemented a Specialist Qualification in Management (Johtamisen erikoisammattitutkinto, JET) training program, with 20 Berner managers participating. The training program is aimed at improving skills related to the management and development of personnel, customer relationships, networks and production. Berner has previously implemented JET training programs in 2007–2008 and 2012–2013.

Age distribution

16 - 241,11
25 - 3932,03
40 - 4929,81
50 - 5927,86
60 +9,19

Gender distribution


Years of service

< 17,52

Berner as an employer in 2016

Average number of personnel 2016372
New employment relationships
Number of new employment relationships valid until further notice13
New fixed-term employment relationships17
New employment relationships total30
Departure turnover rate of personnel 6%
Age of retirement65 y

Partnerships and sponsorships

Berner Ltd engages in long-term cooperation with selected partners and strives to be an active and responsible member of society.

Each year, we cooperate with a variety of projects and associations. Supporting the well-being of children and young people is particularly important for us. In late 2016, we decided to support the operations of Save the Children Finland.

We are participating in the program for the centennial of Finland’s independence in 2017 by donating EUR 30,000 to Save the Children Finland’s Fuel for Life program. The program supports the school attendance and hobbies of children at risk of social exclusion. The program’s support is directed at children whose opportunities to remain in school or participate in leisure activities is jeopardized due to their family having limited means or other social problems.

Supporting health and sports

We have supported Finland’s Veterans’ Federation and Mannerheim Cross of Liberty bearers for several years. We work with the Finnish Heart Association to increase awareness of the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. We are a supporting member of the Finnish Pain Association. We support the prevention of substance abuse among young people through Raide Ry.

We have also provided extensive support to sports through partnerships with the Finnish Tennis Federation, Finnish Bandy Federation, Finnish Gymnastics Federation and the Finnish Floorball League. We also support the events organized by the Finnish Handicapped Sports and Exercise Association VAU.

Our brands are also active in providing support in areas including children’s health and youth employment. We participate in numerous events by donating products.