Product development and production


Extensive logistics services are part of our efficient product and supply chain management. We handle warehousing and outbound logistics services and participate in the planning of inbound and outbound goods delivery operations and contracts.

Our 24,000 m2 logistics center in Viinikkala, Vantaa, has 50 employees. Its central location, modern facilities and new technology provide efficient logistics services to our business.

The multi-channel approach remained significant in customer relationships in 2016: the same product must be available under alternative and flexible distribution solutions. Batch sizes are getting smaller and the timeliness and transparency of deliveries is being emphasized in the supply chain. In order to provide customized and competitive logistics solutions to our customers, our solutions must be based on existing standards and concepts designed with the business operations in mind.

In 2016, we expanded out warehousing services to outdoor storage for substrates and fertilizers. Acquisitions resulted in an expansion in the range of products needing to be stored to include agricultural primary production inputs and end product inputs as well as various healthcare products.

We enhanced our human resource utilization and the quality of job control by cancelling outsourcing arrangements related to the packaging service business. We organized chemical and safety training for personnel in cooperation with the rescue authorities.