Product development and production

Production plants

Our production plants are located in Heinävesi, a municipality in Eastern Finland surrounded by beautiful nature. Providing jobs for approximately 50 people, our plants are the largest industrial employer in the municipality.

With decades of experience, we manufacture cosmetics and hygiene products, car care products, plant protection agents, pesticides, washing and cleaning detergents and vinegar products. Our best-known brands include XZ, LV, Herbina, Ainu, Oxygenol, Tummeli, Lasol, Korrek, Heti, GreenCare and Rajamäen.

A year of investments and development projects

In 2016, we carried out new investments and development projects at our production plants to reduce their impact on the environment, increase production efficiency and improve well-being at work.

The most significant investment made in 2016 was a new machine for packaging liquid products in pouches. The new production line for packaging flammable liquids in retail pouches is the first of its kind in Finland. The investment allowed Lasol, Finland’s most popular brand of windshield washer liquid, and the car care brand Korrek to introduce more environmentally friendly packaging. The new Lasol and Korrek pouches are easy to recycle and they generate up to 65 percent less waste than ordinary plastic bottles.

Our main focus in 2016 was on the development of production efficiency and ergonomics. We carried out a project to develop working methods, collaboration and professional competencies. The factories’ production lines conducted observational surveys to determine key areas for development and improvement. The implementation of the project led to improvements in our operations, and the observational method used in the project can be utilized further in the coming years.

We also launched a development project to improve the efficiency of waste water treatment at our production plants. The project is aimed at reducing waste water volumes and having an even smaller quantity of washing water require treatment as hazardous waste. The project is being carried out in cooperation with the Savonia University of Applied Sciences and it will continue in 2017.