Product development and production

Product development

Berner Ltd is one of the leading brand product manufacturers in Finland. Our strengths lie in Finland-based product development and manufacturing, and we believe that our customers value our domestic, responsible and high-quality production.

Berner has carried out product development since the 1950s. The brands we have developed and are manufacturing include  XZ hair care products, the LV and Herbina product family, the  Lasol and Korek car care series, Heti cleaning products for professionals and Desinfektol and LV disinfectants. The products are developed in a product development unit in the Herttoniemi area in Helsinki and manufactured in Heinävesi.

Responsible production from start to finish

Ensuring that strong know-how and expertise stays in Finland is important for Berner. We use local raw materials and packaging in product development and production in order to keep transport distances as short as possible. Domestic production also plays a significant role in keeping jobs and expertise in Finland.

Our quality management and environmental management certificates guarantee the responsibility of our operations. At Berner we place a high value on keeping production in Finnish hands, because it allows us to be closely involved with the entire process and to employ people also in smaller towns. We want to offer Finns only the best, and keeping this promise requires that we monitor the quality of our products from product development all the way to the consumer.

We invest in green chemistry

We launched a new ongoing project in 2016 to promote responsibility in cosmetics product development. We want to utilize more natural ingredients in cosmetics. Often there is not enough detailed information of the natural ingredients and their safety in cosmetics. The aim is to obtain more detailed information on the safe use of new raw materials from natural sources and to make the development of cosmetics products even more environmentally friendly by taking advantage of new solutions.

Taking environmental issues into consideration has been part of our company’s DNA since the beginning. The development of our XZ hair care products, for example, began from the decision to use natural oils in hair care. As such, the focus area of this new project is nothing new for our company, but our goal is to further enhance our innovation activities related to green chemistry and seek new solutions in line with the circular economy approach. More information of our new products can be found in the Business areas -section.

New items in domestic product development

During the year, we developed and launched numerous new products to suit the needs of Finnish consumers. The new products take into account the special needs of sensitive skin, the well-being of Finnish hair and utilizing raw materials from the Nordic nature. We also invested in the organic production of food products. More information of our new products can be found in the Business areas -section.

Organic production

Berner received an organic certificate in 2016 that qualifies us to not only package, but also manufacture organic vinegar using the traditional fermentation method. Our aim is to produce spirits vinegar from Finnish grains for professionals as well as consumers.

Car care

Korrek introduced a new way for consumers to protect the exterior surfaces of their cars in 2016. The Korrek Pro series was developed in response to consumer wishes for an easier way to protect their cars’ paint coating. The products in the series are based on entirely new technology that allows consumers to apply ceramic thin film coating at home. Korrek Pro products are developed, tested and manufactured in Finland. They are durable and very quick and easy to use.

The newest products in the series are a long-lasting coating and finishing product as well as the ready-to-use Korrek Pro TFC Window Wash -20 C.

We made investments in new packaging technology at our production facilities in Heinävesi. The new production line for packaging flammable liquids in retail pouches is the first of its kind in Finland. This coincided with the introduction of a ready-to-use windshield washer fluid sold in pouches as the latest addition to the Lasol product family, which is the leading brand of windshield washer fluid in Finland. The new Lasol pouches are easy to recycle and they generate up to 65 percent less waste than ordinary plastic bottles.

Professional cleaning

We launched several new HETI detergent products for professional use in 2016. The new products carry the Nordic Ecolabel and are certified hypoallergenic. They are particularly well suited for users who are sensitive to strong scents. We also developed our Nordic Ecolabel-equipped detergents to correspond to the Nordic Ecolabel’s new criteria.

The HETI product family was complemented with the launch of the quick-action HETI post-disinfectant, which guarantees a hygienic result. HETI post-disinfectant has been developed to prevent the spread of microbes on clean surfaces and it is effective against pathogens such as the norovirus in one minute.